Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Web sites/Services does FriendFeed support?

What web sites does FriendFeed support?

FriendFeed currently supports:

We are constantly adding new sites. Help us prioritize by suggesting a site.


How do I add a service to my FriendFeed?

FriendFeed can automatically aggregate your activity from over 40 services. To do so:

  1. Click on the "Me" link on the left side of the page
  2. Click "Edit/add services" tab
  3. Pick a service or expand the list to see all the services that FriendFeed supports
  4. Clicking on any service will bring up the specific requirements FriendFeed needs (e.g., username, email address) in order to import your stuff from that service

Your stuff should show up in your FriendFeed almost immediately. If the service you want to add is not one of the ones we currently support, you can still add it as a "Blog", as long as it has a per-user RSS or Atom feed.

Can I choose who sees my feed? Where else will my feed show up?

You have complete control over who sees your feed. Your FriendFeed is either public or private, and you can change your preferences in your Account page. If your FriendFeed is private, you approve every subscription request for your feed, and your stuff will not be visible to anyone other than your approved friends. If you choose to make your FriendFeed public, anyone can subscribe to you without requiring approval, and your stuff will show up on the FriendFeed homepage.

What are rooms?

A room is like a mini FriendFeed for a particular subject or group of people. Everyone in your room can share stuff with each other and leave comments that only other people in your room can see. When creating a room, you decide whether to make it public, where anyone can join, or private, where you have to invite or approve each member. You can even have a room with a view by selecting "Show this room's content in my feed" -- this lets you view everything from your rooms in your feed as well, instead of just in the rooms themselves.

You can access all the rooms you're a member or owner of by clicking on the "rooms" tab. FriendFeed also displays your room memberships along with your friend subscriptions. There's no limit to the number of rooms you can join or create. As a room owner, you can manage the room's settings and membership, and invite new people to your room, even if they're not FriendFeed users yet. And when you use the FriendFeed bookmarklet to share anything from the web, you can also specify whether to share it on your feed, or just in a particular room.

Can I keep up-to-date on friends who don't use FriendFeed?

Yes, you can use our "imaginary friends" feature to see what your friends are sharing on some services, even if they aren't FriendFeed users themselves. For example, if you know your friend's Flickr username, you can create an imaginary friend with that Flickr account, and every time your friend publishes a photo to a public album, you'll see it as an entry in your feed.

You can only use FriendFeed's imaginary friends feature to see the public information your friends share.

How can I sign up for FriendFeed? Signing up is easy and free. Create an account here.

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